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i will skate on your face.

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This can just be dramajournal from now on.

Really though, Dwain. I don't go out of my way to say I'm a vegetarian. One because that's lame and two because I've been one for two and a half years so it's kind of already established that I am. So it doesn't matter to me who knows and who doesn't. Maybe I say GROSS to the word meat but thats the same thing as a meateater saying THATS GOOD. So what the fuck ever. SECOND OF ALL. I'm not fucking straight edge so how the fuck can I go out of my way to say that I am? REALLY. This is a good one. I've always been nothing but nice to you so I don't know what I did to make you decide that you could talk shit about me. Since you don't even know me.

So if I'm wrong, correct me.

But otherwise, fuck off and go shit talk about someone else. Like you don't already.
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